Every automated parking project is a unique engineering challenge requiring careful planning in order to ensure its success.  Boomerang provides a full suite of services for its clients. 

Site Development Studies

Parking is the foundation of most real estate projects. It is important to make sure that a proposed automated parking system will work well for the intended use in that specific building. Our engineering team works alongside the client's architects to carefully examine the traffic circulation and queuing, pedestrian movements, and exact layout of the automated parking system elements within the physical space. This gives clients an accurate picture of how our system can provide value into their project.

Mechanical Engineering

Boomerang prides itself on the standardized components of its RoboticValet system; however, many projects still require adjustments to our standard components, and some demand development of entirely new mechanisms. Whatever the need, Boomerang has the expertise to develop innovative, reliable, and cost effective mechanical solutions. 

Project Management

Perhaps the most important ingredient to the success of an automated parking project is the careful communication, documentation, and coordination that is the by-product of proper project management. Boomerang has a team of experienced project managers that follow a proven project management methodology from start to finish. 

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About Boomerang Systems

Boomerang Systems, Inc. is the U.S.-based designer of the patented RoboticValet, manufactured in Fort Pierce, Florida. Where other suppliers simply copy and iterate, Boomerang innovates.

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The RoboticValet has changed the development game by unlocking valuable air rights previously consumed by parking, and in some cases by making it feasible to develop sites previously thought to be unprofitable due to space required for parking.  

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