Elliott Museum

Elliott Museum - Stuart, FL

The Historical Society of Martin County realized that their sizable collection of antique vehicles at the Elliott Museum needed to be stored in highly secure manner that didn't use a lot of real estate and yet allowed the museum patrons to "interact" with the exhibit. They decided to employ a fully automated parking system which enables cars to be retrieved to a turntable where they could be rotated in front of patrons. After an exhaustive search and competitive bidding process, the Historical Society contracted with Boomerang to supply the system. In addition to Boomerang's competitive price, they took comfort from the fact that Boomerang is a U.S.-based manufacturer with prior experience in Florida.


  • Location: Stuart, FL
  • Boomerang Design: Rack & Rail
  • Facility Type: Museum
  • Usage: Vehicle Display & Storage
  • Number of Vehicles: 55
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