Crystal Springs Resort

Crystal Springs Resort

The Boomerang development at the Crystal Springs Resort is the first commercial operation of the Boomerang RoboticValet

  • Location: Hardyston, NJ
  • Boomerang Design: Concrete Decks / RoboticValet
  • Facility Type: Resort / Hotel
  • Usage: Employee Parking
  • Number of Vehicles: 40
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Benefits of Automated

Automated robotic parking systems use robots and lifts to store and retreive vehicles enabling them to use up to 50% less space (than a ramp garage) to park the same number of cars without the labor, damage and privacy issues that come with valet drivers.

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About Boomerang Systems

Boomerang Systems, Inc. is the U.S.-based designer of the patented RoboticValet, manufactured in Fort Pierce, Florida. Where other suppliers simply copy and iterate, Boomerang innovates.

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