When it comes to the issue of redundancy, most APS suppliers claim to have created redundancy by putting redundant mechanisms which can take over the workload of another mechanism in the event it were to become disabled. What they often fail to mention is that there is only one pathway along which every mechanism must travel. Since there is no means for the redundant mechanism to go over or around the disabled mechanism, all of the vehicles on the far side of the disabled mechanism are in effect “stranded” until a trained technician wearing a safety harness can climb into the system to repair the disabled mechanism


Conversely, Boomerang’s RoboticValet can move in any direction (even underneath parked cars and from floor to floor) enabling it to quickly work around obstacles, thereby delivering TRUE redundancy by having more than one path of lateral movement (i.e. multi-path). In the event of a mechanical failure, a member of the owner’s on-site building team can simply request access to the system and walk safely out on to the solid concrete slab to switch off and move the disabled mechanism. Upon returning to the control room and switching the system back on, the system’s software will automatically re-route traffic and send another robot to complete the task.

That is why Boomerang is the only automated robotic parking system suitable for high volume parking facilities. 

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Boomerang Systems, Inc. is the U.S.-based designer of the patented RoboticValet, manufactured in Fort Pierce, Florida. Where other suppliers simply copy and iterate, Boomerang innovates.

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The RoboticValet has changed the development game by unlocking valuable air rights previously consumed by parking, and in some cases by making it feasible to develop sites previously thought to be unprofitable due to space required for parking.  

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