After years of market research and tens of millions of dollars in product development, Boomerang introduced its revolutionary RoboticValet - an omni-directional, battery-powered, robot that carries cars parked on self-supporting galvanized steel trays in any direction and spins 360° on solid concrete floors.  Boomerang is the only company in the world using this method, and has filed several patents to protect its intellectual property.

The RoboticValet represents a “revolution” rather than an “evolution” when compared to legacy mono-path automated parking systems. As such, it is often hard for people to comprehend the full impact of this new technology. In an attempt to communicate why the RoboticValet is far superior to legacy mono-path systems we have listed three key design decisions, which enabled the enhanced functionality that makes the RoboticValet so special.

First Key Design Decision: Solid Concrete Slab Construction

• Fire fighter access is easy and safe - just like a normal garage
• Acceptable and cost-effective fire separation between floors
• Maintenance personnel don’t need a safety harness to service equipment
• Concrete is stronger, safer, easier to engineer, and thus can be competitively bid.
• All of the points above collectively translate to MUCH EASIER APPROVALS
• The concrete structure can be re-purposed if needed in the future.

Second Key Design Decision: Omni-Directional Battery Powered Robots
• Navigate through large & irregularly shaped garages
• Move from floor-to-floor to react to demand spikes
• Avoid creating bottlenecks in high traffic areas
• Attain the highest throughput with least equipment in the industry
• Travel around obstacles providing unparalleled redundancy
• Easy to service.  A disabled robot can be pushed into an empty parking space.

Third Key Design Decision: Self-Supporting Stacking Steel Trays
• Robots can move freely underneath parked cars
• Multiple lanes of lateral movement means there is no single point of failure
• Cars lifted and moved without touching the car
• No issue with slowly leaking tires, packed snow, mud flaps, and dangling mufflers
• Stacking 5+ trays eliminates need to return empty trays each time a car exits

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About Boomerang Systems

Boomerang Systems, Inc. is the U.S.-based designer of the patented RoboticValet, manufactured in Fort Pierce, Florida. Where other suppliers simply copy and iterate, Boomerang innovates.

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The RoboticValet has changed the development game by unlocking valuable air rights previously consumed by parking, and in some cases by making it feasible to develop sites previously thought to be unprofitable due to space required for parking.  

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