Ramp Garages - A Necessary Evil

Governments and tenants both demand parking.  In areas with high real estate values, this parking must be provided via multi-level ramp garages to save space.  Unfortunately, nobody actually likes parking in these ramp garages because they are magnets for vehichle damage, accidents, theft, vandalism, and personal assaults.  Developers don't like building ramp garages because they consume so much of their valuable air rights.  Cities don't like them because they create "dead zones" that disrupt the cityscape, lead to increased carbon emissions, and are costly to police.

This Luxury Amenity Pays for Itself

By eliminating the need for ramps and reducing the internal circulation driveways and space between parked cars, automated robotic parking systems are able to use up to 50% less space to park the same number of cars.  This often enables developers to increase the profitability of their project by parking twice the cars, reclaiming valuable GFA for higher value use (i.e. offices, residential units, or hotel rooms), or reducing the cost of construction when they must build the parking below grade in rock or water. 

Perhaps even more importantly, automated robotic parking is viewed as a luxury amenity by tenants because everyone gets a VIP parking space in a well-lit conveniently located area.  It's essentially valet parking except you park your own car, lock the door, and keep your keys!  Smart developers realize that parking in a ramp garage will soon be seen as a negative by prospective tenants.


Building Better Cities

Cities may also begin to favor automated robotic parking as it is easy to integrate retail to keep the streets active, they require no policing, are hidden behind an attractive facade, and eliminate the noise and light pollution that result in conventional open air garages.

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